Extinction Rebellion Waltham Forest is a friendly, welcoming and committed group of local people, determined to build our local community and take action on the climate and ecological emergency.
We warmly invite everyone to join us and all are welcome at any of our meetings, events and actions.
The best way to get started is probably to come along to an event that sounds interesting to you. At any of our events you will be able to find out more and meet local rebels.
In the light of Covid-19, we are currently holding our meetings online but everyone is just as welcome to join us – find out more on our events page.

Email us at or message us on social media (@XRWalthamForest) to:

  • Get a buddy – a more experienced local rebel who’ll contact you to chat and answer your questions.
  • Contact our Accessibility Coordinator about any accessibility issues or concerns about how XR could work for you.

Below are more details of ways to get involved:


We meet as a whole local group once a week on rotating evenings through Mon – Fri. Everyone is always very welcome to join and you can find the details of upcoming meetings on our events page.

If you missed a meeting and would like to catch up by reading the minutes please contact us for access.


Our Leyton/stone sub-group meet regularly in the South of the borough. We will announce details of each meeting on the events page and on the Leyton/stone facebook group.

Keep in touch

Sign up to our mailing list HERE to receive monthly XR Waltham Forest emails with everything you need to know about local actions and how we are linking up nationally.

We also have a Telegram chat – XR Waltham Forest Broadcast, run by our group coordinators to share the latest information via instant messages. Please sign up to our mailing list to receive info on all our Telegram and WhatsApp groups.

Find us on facebook, instagram and twitter: @XRWalthamForest

And if you have any questions you can email us at

Working Groups

Working groups are the main teams within XR that get things done. This involves agreeing what is needed, making proposals to the wider group and delivering on what is agreed.

In Waltham Forest we have a number of working groups which mirror the structure of XR London. Everyone is warmly invited to join whichever working group(s) they are most interested in and feel they could help out with.

If you would like to find out more about any of our working groups please email us at

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